Al Geemi has successfully completed the Water Shutdown Project at Al Reef

We are thrilled to announce that our team has successfully completed 03 major Water Shutdown out of 08 in total required under our recently awarded Al Reef project.

This project represented a significant undertaking that required an enormous amount of dedication, hard work, and attention to detail throughout the project endeavor. We are incredibly proud of our team's efforts and commitment to delivering this project flawlessly.

For the purpose of achieving the above milestone, it would be required to carry out and simultaneously complete four major tie-in points at four different locations, crossing newly constructed roads of WD.02 and WD.03 in al Reef area, all within a highly tight duration of ten-hours, in pursuit of allowing a successful strategic relocation of a 900mm PN16 DI pipe. In order to complete this challenging assignment, AGCC brought together four different workgroups, led by highly qualified engineers and a project manager, to plan and execute the project in the best-coordinated and parallel manner possible.

In addition, AGCC spared no effort to secure all necessary equipment in the best working conditions, including dewatering pumps, pneumatic cutters, and a 200-ton mobile cranes, all of which were coordinated with all concerned authority personnel, including ADDC and TRANSCO. This has accordingly resulted in successfully completing the aforementioned milestone under Al Reef project to the utmost level of satisfaction of our high-end stakeholders, including MUSANADA's top management.

This achievement is a testament to all our team's expertise, commitment, and ability to coordinate and collaborate effectively, and exceptionally offered particularly by our MEP team and MEP top management, all of which are in complete pursuit of the strategic vision of our Chairman His Excellency Faraj Bin Hamoodah Al Dhaheri.  

We are proud of the incredible work they have accomplished, and we are confident that their exceptional work will continue to benefit the Company and inspire our team to strive for excellence.

Once again, we extend our sincere congratulations to the team for their exceptional work and thank everyone involved in this project for their hard work and support.