Campaign at Khalifa City Project - Road Safety and Work Safe during Ramadan

For workplace safety and preparedness, an HSE Campaign was conducted at Khalifa City Project led by Project Managers, HSE Managers and Traffic Engineers. It was witnessed by the consultant DeLeuw Cather.

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The purpose of the campaign is to ensure the safety of the employees, so that everyone can work safely and efficiently. The goal of this safety program is for workers to identify and reduce risks at the job site, and not to put themselves and others in harm’s way, with the ultimate target of having ZERO workplace injuries.

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The successfully conducted safety campaign is intended to provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce injuries, safety violations and penalties.
  • Improve employee awareness.
  • Increase efficiencies by providing clear safety steps for dealing with most workplace incidents.
  • Provides workers and managers with the knowledge necessary to control and react to dangerous incidents, should they ever occur.
  • Create a stable working culture through understanding and participation, across all members within the entire organization.

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Workplace safety is important regardless of the size of a company. All companies, big or small, need to incorporate safety in their workplace. Being prepared will always provide the best results. Understanding the environment around them will assist the workers in the ever-evolving process of safety and wellness.