Fog Awareness Training Programs to Drivers and Operators

Driving under fog and mist requires special caution. It is believed that this environmental road hazard is one of the most dangerous driving conditions. To drive in heavily congested traffic Is challenging. The driver has to be more vigilant while using the road in foggy conditions, as visibility can seriously deteriorate within a matter of seconds.

Driving in foggy conditions requires special safe driving techniques to help one Arrive Alive! In this context Al Geemi conducted a training program to the company Drivers and Operators on 16-02-2021 to give them awareness. Approximately 200+ Drivers and Operators attended the training.

Al Geemi Fog Awarenses Training Program

HSE Officer Mr. Ashiq was the trainer. Facility Manager Mr. Magdy and Mr. Shakeem were also present during the program.

During the training, laptops and projector were used to show videos and fog alert materials to the drivers and operators. Useful tips and precautionary measures were also shared with the participants to avoid accidents while driving in a foggy weather.

Al Geemi Fog Awarenses Training Program

Here are some tips and precautionary measures that are useful to every driver:

• Turn your fog lights on
• Only drive if you have to
• Stop at a service station
• Slow down
• Use dipped headlights

• Do NOT drive with your hazard lights on
• Turn your heater on
• Listen
• Keep your distance
• Avoid changing lanes

With the necessary precautions and driver alertness, many of these accidents can be avoided.

Most important is that “not being able to see” is no defence in the event of an accident. If you cannot see - you should not drive. When visibility is poor - adjust your driving to the conditions and reduce your speed.

Be Alert. Drive Safe.