Our Chairman, His Excellency Faraj Bin Hamoodah Al Dhaheri Visits the 2 Major Road Completion in Khalifah City

Congratulations to Al Geemi Family. On 29th August 2021 at Khalifah City, Al GEEMI has achieved 2 great feats of opening 2 major Road signals for traffic.

Our Chairman H. E. FARAJ ALI BIN HAMOODAH who visited us regularly and encouraged the employees with his love and motivational words has played major role in this achievement.

As a result of our worker’s hard work, our entire project team is moving faster than anticipated in completing the remaining work. This demonstrates Al Geemi’s capabilities to handle any critical work that require commitment, high skills and expertise. Al Geemi’s work force and resources can meet any demands of our client.

Chairman Encouraging the Workers and Appreciating them for the effort they have given for the Project

Our chairman’s regular site visits instill the vigor in our employees to perform better and achieve best results.

To our employees at Sites, we want to say that your contribution is beyond measure. You are inspiring the rest of the Al GEEMI family.  Thank you for everything you are doing for the company and UAE.