Water Shutdown WD-04, DN900mm line at Al Reef Project

In a remarkable feat, the MEP teams in Al Geemi Contracting LLC have achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the water shutdown operation at WD-04 for DN 900mm on Saturday 17 June 2023. This marks the second time under the same project whereby such an operation has been carried out on the same connections, presenting unprecedented challenges for the teams involved.

A noteworthy among the challenges faced was the required excavation depth to complete the necessary shutdown, which exceeded a staggering 8 meters. Overcoming these formidable conditions, required the teams to work tirelessly for over 15 continuous hours, in addition to facilitate an extensive coordination and secure full support from the different authorities, including ADDC and TRANSCO.

Despite these obstacles, Al Geemi teams, particularly the MEP, persevered and overcame numerous hurdles during the sensitive water shutdown. Al Geemi, being the organization at the forefront of this achievement, must also extend heartfelt congratulations to all of its project management and senior management members for their unwavering commitment, dedication expertise and resilience which have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this operation.

Additionally, Al Geemi express its sincere gratitude to all the supporting teams, including Civil teams and the teams at PMV units who have provided invaluable assistance throughout the construction works. Their collaborative efforts have greatly contributed to the triumphant completion of this challenging endeavor.

This milestone not only underscores the exceptional capabilities of the MEP teams but also serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in their field. The successful completion of WD-04, DN 900mm, stands as a shining example of their expertise and determination.